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 Synthetic diamond
 Line roller ring special grinding wheel
 Diamond bit
 No pressure impregnation reamer
 Electroplated diamond products
 Diamond and cubic nitride borax wheel
 Cement pipe mill knife grinding wheel
 Trimming the diamond grinding wheel
 Electroplated diamond file
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     My company is in the east China metallurgical department bureau of geology and exploration of the diamond industry company and China metallurgical department
East superhard materialsInstitute of two subordinates state-owned enterprises on the basis of optimized、Restructuring、Combining to form a new company.Is the current domestic superhard materials industry products most varieties、The most widely market coverage、One of the strongest advanced enterprise technology development capability。
    The existing main products of the company“Quarrying”All kinds of metal bonded grinding wheel、Resin bond grinding wheel、Cement system works diamond grinding wheel(The knife),All kinds of diamond saw blade、The diamond      ...Click on the details>>

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